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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Jay Stuart's Thought Leader Profile of iFLY CEO Simon Ward gets plenty of mileage. The Lausanne-based ThinkSport network bringing together the variety of sports-related expertise and excellence has just published it too.

ThinkSport was constituted a few years ago between the city of Lausanne, the canton of Vaud and the International Olympic Committee. Anna Hellman, who had previously served as the CEO of SportAccord, the World Sport and Business Summit, is its director. ThinkSport runs annual two-day conferences under its brand "The Spot" - the next on 12 and 13 May - with the goal of "stimulating progress in sport by bringing together original ideas and the latest innovations from both inside and outside the sports industry."

We at ISGS are trying to model our first summit after the ultimate boutique conference and adopt some of the best practices of The Spot. That is why we first reached out to Jay Stuart, who is a regular moderator and contributor for ThinkSport, to lead us through ISGS.

Here is Jay's Thought Leader Profile of Simon Ward, the CEO of iFLY, who is one of the confirmed panelists at ISGS.

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