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Sky on Stage (SoS) is an artistic skydiving contest held virtually for the first time. Indoor Freestyle is one of six games/events. The contestants are challenged to perform their original freestyle choreography to music they select from the SoS tracks. For assessment, they ensure that their performance is recorded with one single camera.



Separate rankings are established in two divisions and for three age groups.

Division: Male, Female

Age Groups: Juvenile (8 – 12 years), Junior (13 – 17 years), Open (18+ years)



Assessment – which is very different from "judging" in traditional competition – is three-tier, with three distinct groups each establishing an independent ranking of the performances per division/age group. The three tiers are:

· PEERS: fellow athletes competing in the same division/age group

· EXPERTS: skydivers with a solid background in Indoor Artistic Events

· ARTISTS: champions or masters with a background in artistic sports or arts


The assessors adhere to criteria that they establish for themselves and express their personal preference for one performance over another. In doing so, they produce a ranking, from first to last, through the comparison-based online review of the performances.


Three separate rankings are established per division/age group. All rankings are made public on the video platform, the SoS website and this website. These separate rankings will determine the final standing of the contestants in each division/age group.


The top three contestants in each division/age group are awarded a trophy. All contestants receive a certificate of participation.


Entering the SoS Indoor Freestyle Contest is done in two steps. First, the contestants need to register at the SoS website and pay the entry fee of 10 (ten) € (Euros). This should be done at the Sky on Stage website.


Once the contestants are registered and have paid their entry fee at the SoS website, they proceed to the Sos contest platform. There they upload their video file, after they provide basic information on them and their entry, and after they agree to the Terms and Conditions governing the contest. Contestants younger than 18 years must upload a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian explicitly allowing them to take part in the contest. 


The entire process must be completed by 23:59 h UTC on Saturday 30 January 2021 under the SoS

platform link:


SoS is the brainchild of Stefania Martinengo, a former world champion in artistic skydiving. She came up with the contest format while on COVID-19 lockdown in spring. Combining her innovative concept for the evaluation of the performances with new terminology that made playful games out of competitions, she initially envisioned five games/events: with skysurfing included.

In the drafting of guidelines for Indoor Freestyle, the set-up of the dedicated video platform and the use of rights-cleared music, Stefania was supported by Roland Hilfiker of Indoor Skydiving Vision, who had previously gained experience with an online contest in breaking ahead of the 2018 Youth Olympics. Both Stefania and Roland are aware that the circumstances are not exactly favorable for this inaugural edition, but SoS strives to provide what may be the only opportunity for indoor skydivers to share their choreographies with the world.


The music for the contest is provided in the form of approximately 30 downloadable mp3 tracks, all of them with a duration of around one minute. Some of this music is produced and/or adapted specifically for freestyle by the artists.


Greg “Le Greck” Lymberis is a beatmaker who hails from the Olympic Capital Lausanne, Switzerland. His

tracks were recorded for breaking initially, but he selected ten of them for SoS. Here are the tracks!


Under its "Throwback" theme, SoS incorporates a parallel contest for vintage footage of past performances. With part of the world subject to COVID-19 restrictions, going out and recording something new might not be possible for everybody. But looking at existing videos of performances put in at some point in the past should always be an option. Selecting the very best and submitting it as vintage will ensure that it is evaluated by peers, experts and artists. SoS Throwback


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