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Taking The Leap

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

With The World Games 2022 in progress in Birmingham, USA, I would like to redirect your attention from this to another blog I have just rolled out. IN SPORTS VIEWS is the platform where this "retired athlete and communicator provides his views on the sports of The World Games."

Cornelia MIHAI, UAE, by Reinhard Egli

Over the period of The World Games, I try to look at as many of the sports scheduled in Birmingham as possible and editorialize on them with my perceptions and thoughts. After nearly 30 years of working professionally in sports communications, I should have something to say to most of them.

Make it a point to sign up on the blog (upper right corner). That will allow you to keep abreast with all the new posts that are going up there. And no, I am not trying to sell you anything.

Go to right now. Be aware that the technology is still in a Beta version - not everything is perfect.

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