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A Young Flyer

On the team that celebrated the 30-year anniversary of "Parachuting '92" - the Parachuting Exhibition in Support of the Games of the XXVth Olympiad Barcelona 1992 - was one flyer who was born ten years after the memorable games had concluded. Kyra Poh from Singapore started skydiving when she was nine. In a wind tunnel located on the city state's Sentosa island.

With numerous world titles in indoor skydiving under her belt, Kyra recently ventured into the outdoors, showing the same great control over her moves and positions in the gravity-caused airflow. We will have a video of her skydive at Empuriabrava available soon.

For the time being we let you enjoy her flying in the world's biggest wind tunnel, CLYMB in Abu Dhabi, together with her friend Maja Kuczynska, POL. The spectacular video was shot and edited by Finnish filmmaker Lauri Aapro.

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