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The Future Is Now

Well, almost! Two of the biggest events of the year are rapidly approaching: The Wind Games 2020 (TWG) start on Thursday 30 January. Right after they finish on Saturday 1 February, Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) will take the relay. Just how many people plan on staying on after TWG and take in some of the sessions at least on Sunday 2 November we don't know, but we have to point out again that you will not be able to get accredited at Skydive Empuriabrava on 1 February (12:00 - 17:00) without a voucher.

Monica Moyano of coolmedia, the Madrid-based firm contracted to do the communications of TWG, circulated her first media release. With the experience of six editions, Monica knows which doors to knock on to get very good exposure for the games. She released the first figures for the number of entries: 180+ athletes grouped in 91 teams competing in five disciplines. That is in line with last year's participation (200 athletes, 80 teams).

As in previous years, extensive coverage on TWG will be available on the Windoor website and - through embedded players - on others. Whether the Olympic Channel will carry any coverage as it did in the past is still not quite clear. In any case, it is not mentioned in the media release. Information.

ISGS launched its media campaign today too. Targeting above all the local media (the Emporda), the first release conveys the message on this first edition in Catalan. Over the course of the next week, more releases will follow in Spanish and in English. From Thursday 30 January through Saturday 1 February, teasers will go out on our streaming platform.

In the early part of next week, ISGS Communications will record the play-in contribution of some panelists. The first one scheduled for a shoot on Monday at the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich, GER, is Jochen Schweizer himself.

Jochen Schweizer, an experience marketer with an established television pedigree.

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