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The Checklist

At D-20, i.e. with 20 days to go until Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) gets underway in Castelló d'Empúres and Empuriabrava, the three ISGS moderators met up on location to go through the program - and to generally test all ISGS systems. From checking in for flights to and from Barcelona to checking out the local accommodations and cuisine, the moderators were able to have it all checked off.

Anne Maxwell | ISGS Moderator

The three moderators of the ten sessions that make up ISGS took advantage of the D-20 milestone to confirm that everything is on track for a successful summit in three weeks' time. Jay Stuart, Anne Maxwell and Roland Hilfiker spent two days to go over the minutiae of the session topics, the MO for their moderation as well as everything else associated with the summit: air travel to/from Barcelona, the transfer from to the Barcelona airport, the accommodations at the panelists' hotel, it was all looked at very thoroughly. And it was checked off!

However, due to the severe budgetary restraints that apply to ISGS after the withdrawal of some of the initial partners, the organizers were unable to provide Jay Stuart, the only moderator without any skydiving background, hands-on experience beyond what you see below.

As the ISGS project is approaching its successful conclusion, the organizers issue the final Bulletin in Catalan, the 14th most spoken language in the European Union. An English version will be circulated from Wednesday 15 January.

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