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The Envelope, Please

Stefania Martinengo, the organizer of Sky on Stage (SoS), announces the winners in the three OFFICIAL events of the virtual contest on her website. Two final standings exist for these events: one established by the Experts only, the other by Experts and Artists.

Coralie Boudreault kept in frame by Greg Crozier

There are certain differences between the two standings, but there is generally consensus on who the winners are. The prizes are awarded as per the Expert standings only.

Meet the winners! Look at the overall Expert/Artist standings on the SoS video platform.

With a total of 9 entries, Freefly/style was the most contested event. Coralie Boudreault and Greg Crozier won it convincingly, getting the top award: one hour at Aero Gravity in Milano, ITA.

Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi and René Terstegen, who between them make up FlyLikeBrick from Sweden, won first in Wingsuit Acro. The award: one hour at Terminal Zero in Zaragoza, ESP.

Kebe Snyder and Darryl Dubiel won Skysurf and their award: a cash purse of 500 Euros.

It is very interesting to look at the standings produced by the different panels of "Judges" - who are actually called "Assessors" in the context of Sky on Stage. The detailed results will be circulated to the participants. Upon request, they could be made available to others. If you are interested, send a request to

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