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Star-Studded Cast

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

One of the particular strengths of parachuting/skydiving in The World Games is the fact that FAI/IPC is able to always bring its very best to compete for the coveted medals. At least in the past, some of the other sports struggled to do that. Quite often, athletes high up in the ranking lists didn't get accredited because of scheduling conflicts or the absence of a purse.

Marco Pflüger, GER
Marco Pflüger, GER, by Bruno Brokken

All those FAI/IPC athletes who were at the top of their game in 2001 flocked to Akita, JPN, to contest the World Games titles in four events: Accuracy Landing (Mixed); Formation Skydiving (Mixed); Freestyle M, W. No prize money or other incentives were needed for them to make the trip, some at their own expenses, and to give their best in the sky as well as in front of (or behind) the cameras. In fact, 2001 Akita turned into a hugely exercise in public relations for the air sport.

HIGH AMBITIONS is the title of a 26-minute program that was produced between the 100 participants to call on the IOC to consider parachuting/skydiving events for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. One copy of the tape and a glossy brochure were sent to each member of the IOC.

What was probably most remarkable about 2001 Akita was the spectator record that parachuting/skydiving established at its assigned venue in Ogata-mura: 28,000 over three days were the largest audience of all the 27 sports on the program.

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