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Sky On Stage

Progress is being made in possibly adding one individual indoor skydiving event to the lineup of the current "games" staged as part of the inaugural edition of Sky on Stage, the online competition for artistic skydiving.

Karine Tokaya by Raymon Adams | © 2020

We have mentioned Sky on Stage (SoS) in the Going Digital article of THE VISION Newsletter and announced that we (THE VISION) would try to incorporate an individual indoor skydiving event into the inaugural edition. The efforts are underway and they look promising, despite the tight timeline: SoS registration closes in mid-November, performances need to be submitted by 1 December.

SoS is the brainchild of former freestyle and freefly champion Stefania Martinengo. Her digital competition is to be held in the following artistic skydiving events, or as she calls it: "games," all of them outdoors, currently.

Stefania was recently interviewed by Regan Tetlow of Air Sports News about her competition, the overall format and the technicalities in submitting a recording of the competitive performances by the 1-December deadline.

In adding an indoor skydiving event to the lineup, the focus should be put on making it as compatible as possible with what is being done outdoors, while at the same time taking the special nature of indoors into account as well.

That leads us to an event of the following characteristics for the event of choice: artistic, quite possibly enhanced by the most generous use of music, and individual; the latter for logistic reasons. Most importantly, the performance should be recorded from outside of the tunnel by adhering to a few basic criteria. While we work on defining all of this within the next week, we will try to reach out to a number of indoor skydiving athletes for input.

If you should read this and have any suggestions regarding the technical aspects for this première in artistic indoor skydiving, please contact us by e-mail: and

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