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SESS VI: Bringing It Together

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Hagen Bossdorf – Consultant, Toms Ivans – Aerodium, Inka Tiitto – MAD, Domi Kiger – ZerOGravity, Josh O'Donoghue – Windoor; Recording by Lauri Aapro – Sweet Kareli; Moderator: Roland Hilfiker

Hagen Bossdorf, Consultant to The World Games

It is Lauri Aapro's contribution to the session that sets the tone and that visualizes some of the options that are available to indoor skydiving to reach new levels in terms of exposure. The Finnish filmmaker has worked with the top athletes in commercial ventures and in documentaries that have reached the biggest audiences with the most coherent stories.

Taking up on the showreel and on Lauri's thoughts in the matter, the other panelists discuss the process that ultimately should lead to attractive indoor skydiving events commanding public interest beyond the current levels.

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