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SESS VII: Achilles Heel

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Jordi Meseguer – Windoor, Jan Spatka – Strojírna Litvínov, Oskar van Dijk –

Actiflow, Joel O´Donoghue – Consultant, Vincent Textorius – Windiver, Recording: Paul Niggli – Swissgrid, Tobias Oertle – Windwerk; Moderator: Roland Hilfiker

Paul Niggli – Swissgrid (right) and Tobias Oertle – Windwerk

Indoor skydiving is expensive by every standard. Between the multi-million

investments in the infrastructure and the high operational costs brought about by high

staff numbers and even higher energy consumption, it ends up being a sport for the


Session VII confirms that some of the costs can be reduced – for the benefit of the operators as well as for the clients. The contribution by Paul Niggli (Swissgrid) and Tobias Oertle (Windwerk) focused on energy and the Swiss marketplace but was not available in a fully translated version on 3 February. It was circulated after the summit.

Even though energy is only third or fourth in the order of expenditure by size, it is the one that can be reduced easily in at least some of the markets. If there is a rule of thumb, it is the following: the more insights into the dynamics of the national energy business the tunnel operators are able to gain the more they stand to benefit from some of them.

But several other aspects of reducing costs should also be considered.

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