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SESS IX: The Session

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Eric Terry – Actiflow, Boris Nebe – ISG Group, Simon Ward – iFLY , Anton

Westman – Inclined Labs, Jan Spatka – Strojírna Litvínov , Andrey Karr – Tunnel

Tech, Ivars Beitans – Aerodium, Alberto Fuertes – EYDISA; Moderators: Jay Stuart and Roland Hilfiker

Ivars Beitans, Aerodium

The world's leading tunnel manufacturer endeavor to predict the future in terms

of the technology that underlies indoor skydiving. Who, if not them, is better qualified

to make an assessment of where this young air sport discipline is heading over the

next few years. No other group of panelists holds the powers the manufacturers have to shape the future through their ideas. They can truly bring indoor skydiving to the next level.

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