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SESS V: Beyond Olympia

Panelists: Patrice Girardin – IPC / FFP, Lika Borzova – television journalist, skydiver/basejumopr, Manu Ars – iFLY, Josh O'Donoghue – Windoor,

Domi Kiger – ZerOGravity, Toms Ivans – Aerodium; Moderator: Anne Maxwell

An analysis of the made-for-indoor events leads to a general discussion over what could be done to improve them further. Taking up on a statement that was made earlier by the sport climbing representative Reindert Lenselink – that all event designing should be done with the audiences in mind – the group discusses the range of problems that arise, and that make indoor competition particularly challenging to market. There seems to be a general agreement that despite the difficulties, much could be done.

Watch the full-length recording of Session V.

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