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SESS III: Sport Matters More

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Panelists: Brendan O’Rafferty – TunnelInstructor, Alberto Fuertes – TunnelInstructor, Manu Ars – iFLY. Wayne Loxton – iFLY; Moderator: Roland Hilfiker

It is the smallest panel of the summit, with only four experts sitting on it. But they are of such a caliber that their deliberations and the outcomes they produce between them have the audience in awe.

The representatives of the two internationally recognized organizations responsible for safety, standards and training in indoor skydiving have obviously met and discussed many of the matters that are addressed here before. But the total consensus that exists between the leaders of the International Bodyflight Associations and of Tunnel Instructor (TI) on nearly all matters comes as a surprise to many of the summiteers.

One statement bringing out a rather unexpected willingness to cooperate between what everybody assumes to be rivalling organizations is made by Manu Ars, the Regional Manager Europe of iFLY: "We as an industry could work together when it comes to the instructors, but not only for that. It could also be in sharing our flyers – they do not belong to us. They are this global community and to go to all the different tunnels. There are no boundaries – they are all part of this global community."

Reference is made repeatedly to an organization in a different, albeit very similar, sport: PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. While there are other bodies certifying divers, it is generally acknowledged that "PADI is the way the world learns how to dive." Emulating some of its most successful concepts in the training and certifying of indoor skydivers – and not just the instructors – could indeed be advisable.

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