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Retirees & Expendables

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

A majority of my Facebook friends are skydivers, nearly all my age and - just as yours truly - somewhat past their prime when it comes to celestial exploits. But all it takes is a little inspiration and suddenly they start reminiscing and raving.

Here they were - retirees watching state-of-the-art indoor skydiving by a group called the "Flying Expendables" - and they could not help but compare the now with the then.

Bob Nixon reacted first to the video that Sox Rostoks had discovered and posted - with plenty of WOW emjois, of course.

“In the early 70s it was, 'Get out of the plane, get stable, find the low man, he's the base.' Skill levels have gone up several orders of magnitude.”

Bill Sutton was awed and analytical at the same time.

“It's incredible what bodyflight can become with practice and unlimited freefall time!”

These insightful comments reflect what Indoor Skydiving 2020 · First Global Summit should be about. Skydiving indoors and outdoors are hashtagVariationsOfTheSameGame. The more you practice either one - the better you get at both hashtagVariationsOfTheSameGame. At skydiving!

Enjoy this awesome performance by the Flying Expendables. The skydivers/flyers are, in the order of appearance, Dani Gallego Prieto, Léo Blanchon, Clément Gyzmo, Devin Roane, Fabian Raidel, César Rico, Adam Mattacola and Ben Roane. The stunning/artful video was filmed and edited by Lisa Rettenbacher, and it is powered by TheMambaSpirit.

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