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The three video platforms for the Sky on Stage (SoS) Artistic Skydiving Contest are up and running. Now it is up to you to pick your game, to play and record it - and to submit a video to either ORIGINAL, INDOOR or THROWBACK.

What Stefania Martinengo, the spiritus rector of SoS, had envisioned ever since March 2020, when she and many others were on COVID lockdown, got underway at last.

The first virtual contest in artistic skydiving on the global level is open for entries in six different “games” – a term which substitutes for event in Stefania’s nomenclature. “Pick your game, play, record and submit!” is the motto for the digital première.

In spite of the adversity brought about by the pandemic that continues wreak havoc around the world, with restrictions imposed nearly everywhere, Stefania decided to go ahead and hold the contest. She was even receptive to the suggestions of including an additional game at the very last moment: Indoor Freestyle to music.

Given these circumstances, there are different submission deadlines applying to the different contests. But all that is well explained on the SoS website and on the three video platforms

In the set-up of the dedicated video platforms and the use of rights-cleared music, Stefania

was supported by Roland Hilfiker of Indoor Skydiving Vision, who had perviously gained experience with an online contest in breaking ahead of the 2018 Youth Olympics.

Both Stefania and Roland are aware that the circumstances are not exactly favorable for this inaugural edition, but SoS strives to provide what may be the only opportunity for skydivers to share their choreographies with their peers around the world.

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