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Overseas Experience

Leave it to the marketers in Singapore! With travel severely hampered by the coronavirus, they suggest a series of first-rate experiences normally associated with overseas destinations to be enjoyed in the city-state. Climbing like one would on Krabi island in Thailand – or skydiving like in Switzerland's Lauterbrunnen Valley.

It shouldn't be taken too literally. In any case, the text in "The Smart Local" keeps it ambiguous enough:

It takes a certain amount of daredevil spirit to jump off a cliff, but many include skydiving in their travel bucket list. There’s no need to head off to Switzerland, despite it being known as one of the most scenic spots to jump off a plane – we can get the same adrenaline rush right in Singapore.

A detailed description of indoor skydiving at iFLY Singapore complements the pitch. Read the full text here!

And iFLY Singapore sets the record straight on the air that circulates in its tunnel:

Contrary to belief that the same air is being ‘recycled’ in our wind tunnel, we actually draw air from the outdoor environment. The air is then purified using BioZone's UV and photo-plasma technology before it’s circulated in the tunnel to power up the flights.

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