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On Location

The ISGS production crew, a small group of experts who will produce the world feed from Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit, was on location at the Santa Clara Convent yesterday to study how to best set up their equipment.

Additional lighting, some more audio equipment, five cameras, video and audio mixers ... All of this will need to be set up in the afternoon of 1 February to be ready for the first webcast starting at 09:00 CET on 2 February.

When it comes to audio-visual equipment, the two auditoriums at the Santa Clara Convent are completely state-of-the-art in their permanent setup. Nevertheless, the production crew will not get around laying a few more cables for the kind of signal that is described as: "of sufficient quality to make a statement in itself."

I have been working with these guys for the past 25 years and know how good they are. Aside from producing sports from football to MotoGP to DanceSport (and on to many more), they also do documentaries, commercials and congresses. They did their last one, the International Congress on Forest and its Potential for Health, in October.

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