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Ministry Of Flight

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

A wind tunnel that opened last year in Zaragoza, Spain, has developed its own brand of entertainment that complements simple flying. That the owners have very close ties to the show business only broadens the offer.

At the core of it is the the flight chamber. As at all the other wind tunnels around the world, it is the focal point of all activities at Terminal Zero too. Under the additional moniker "Ministry of Flight," the facility opened in Zaragoza, halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, late last year.

Owned and operated by Aldo Comas, a DJ, singer and overall renaissance man, and his wife, actress Macarena Gómez, it can count on added inspiration and an artistic touch in every area imaginable. They consider the tunnel to be at the center of a leisure and culture complex with a particular identity. For the gastronomy, they came up with their own formula: a menu that falls midway between "Iberian" and international - but always under an aviation theme.

They have musicians perform at the tunnel on a regular basis. Every Thursday they schedule a "Jam Session," offering the inspired and the willing the infrastructure and the space to perform while indoor skydivers fly at reduced rates.

Speaking of rates: it is well worth checking out the hourly rates that are being offered at Terminal Zero. Just a few weeks ago, they were as low as 320 €.

We interviewed Aldo prior to the summit in early February. Here are his views on indoor skydiving.

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