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Meet Sam

15-year-old Sam Stenzel from Minnesota, USA, is the first contestant who submits an entry into the Sky on Stage (SoS) INDOOR Contest that is in full compliance with the SoS Guidelines. But then, Sam holds high aspirations.

Sam Stenzel, Indoor Skydiver, Scuba Diver, Gymnast, Climber

There are not many 15-year-olds with a LinkedIn account. Maybe it was his ambitious career plan that had him set it up. Sam is a graduate of the Space Academy and aspires to be an astronaut later in life.

For the time being, he is the only contestant who submitted an entry into the Sky on Stage INDOOR Contest (SoS) that complies 100% with the published guidelines, which call for one of the SoS tracks to be used for the recording of the performances. Sam selected one of the tracks "composed, mixed and recorded" by Greg "Le Greck" Lymberis, a beatmaker from Switzerland.

After receiving the submission by Sam, the SoS organizers have notified the other INDOOR contestants, Olga Bakulina and Leonid Shtivel, that they, too, should submit an entry that is compliant with the guidelines for INDOOR, or consider presenting their current entries as a THROWBACK.

In any case, they - and everybody else still considering participation in the INDOOR contest - will have only five more days, until Saturday 30 January, to record something new.

Here's Sam's performance. It was recorded at iFLY Minneapolis.

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