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Living With A Virus

Cohabitation with a virus, even if it doesn't sound good at all, takes up semantically on what the future of societies in nearly every country will depend on for the next months (years). Regardless of one's position in determining the exact nature of the pandemic and the remedies that will eventually bring relief, we seem to be in for the long haul. Our experts look at how a relatively small part of the leisure/sport industry can outlast adversity.

The powerful imagery of Kyra Poh, SIN, and Maja Kuczyńska, POL, performing in perfect synchronicity at the world's biggest wind tunnel in Abu Dhabi was probably the last to go out worldwide thanks to the Red Bul Media House. That was many months ago!

Since then, the Guinness organization has recognized the tunnel as the biggest in the world (here), but all activity there as pretty much everywhere else — has been reduced dramatically by lockdowns and other restrictions. Even today, there are a number of tunnels in different countries either closed or operating on reduced schedules because of measures taken against the spread of COVID-19. Others have ceased to operate because of the impact the pandemic has on the economy.

In the light of all this, we asked Simon Ward and Ivars Beitans whether there can be definite solutions applicable to ever-changing scenarios brought about by this unprecedented crisis.

There are scarce opportunities even at times like these. Seizing them and getting the most out of an adverse situation, Ivars has had his best summer at the Sigulda tunnel. It can be a school, he says.

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