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Promoting SoS

Sky on Stage (SoS), the first virtual contest in artistic skydiving, was launched at the end of November. Videos can be submitted to three platforms (ORIGINAL, INDOOR and THROWBACK) through the end of January.

The SoS contest is in progress and a number of entries have been submitted at this point.

In ORIGINAL, the format that started it all, the ten entries cover freestyle/freefly, wingsuit and skysurf. Check them out in the Gallery and vote for your favorites. If you plan on submitting your own recording, you are down to eight days, until the end of the year, to do so.

In THROWBACK, the ten entries cover just as much variety. Five of them belong to a group of performances put in by different skydivers and videographers between 2003 and 2006. They were uploaded by Manuel Basso. The deadline for submission of any vintage material you have in your archives is 30 January 2021.

Where Stefania Martinengo, the SoS organizer, continues to draw a blank is in INDOOR. Maybe it is due to the lockdowns or other restrictions in a number of countries that flyers did not yet have a chance to record their performances. Maybe the word on the indoor freestyle contest has not spread sufficiently. Or could it be something else? The contest guidelines? The music?

The deadline for INDOOR is also 30 January 2021. But don't be a procrastinator!

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