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Like many of the other manufacturers and operators, Ivars Beitans, the man in charge at AERODIUM, looks constantly at ways of making indoor skydiving more popular. That's key to the success of the sport as well as the industry. At the ISGS 2020 | Global Summit in February already, Ivars singled out children as the most important users to all efforts of making a wind tunnel more sustainable.

Children are the future! This applies to indoor skydiving as well. But getting into the sport at a (reasonably) young age is difficult for the parties involved, as tunnel time tends to be expensive for the parents – and outright prohibitive for the "pocket money" budgets of a ten-year-old talent.

It is decidedly more expensive than purchasing a top-brand skateboard, a groovy attire – Air Jordan sneakers, baggie 100-Euro pants, baseball cap, T-shirt – and going to a municipal skate park three or four times per week, where admission is generally free.

AERODIUM chairman Ivars Beitans took advantage of the increased activity at his flagship wind tunnel in Sigulda, Latvia, to experiment with a formula that could help to bring the rates down for the kids. The concept is at an advanced stage of development, worked on by Ivars and his Sigulda staff at this very moment, and it should be announced with great detail in a few months' time.

He brushes on the concept in his current full-length interview given for THE VISION newsletter and website, and he promises to make more information available soon.

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