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Happy Campers

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Our “dESPite all odds” report addressed the difficulties skydiving faces in Spain because of the COVID-19 epidemic and the restrictions imposed as a consequence. This is a more uplifting follow-up: even though life is far from being back to normal, many skydivers have learned to live with SARS-CoV-2, without making too many concessions. The Fly Warriors and their happy campers are a perfect example.

There are two freeflying schools at Skydive Empuriabrava, with their containers side-by-side on the drop zone: Warriors and Babylon Freefly. The Warriors went first with their annual camp, holding it from 22 to 26 September “dESPite all odds.”

We let some of the participants tell you all about it, after we had asked them two specific questions. One concerning the COVID challenges in 2020 and the other on the synergies between skydiving indoors and outdoors.

David Nimmo is one of the Fly Warriors faculty members. Progressing without tunnel time? Impossible, he says.

David Blakeley will likely have to go into quarantine upon his return from Spain. Warriors' Camp is still well worth attending, he says.

David started skydiving in the service of Her Majesty The Queen and as a member of an elite airborne unit. He knows all about quality training and talks about it here.

Mauro Jasmin tends to look at the bright side of things: COVID-19, the quarantine and the "Zoom Boom" has him talk to his mother in Brazil much more frequently.

An interview with Dominyka Vaikute, another happy camper, will be included in THE VISION newsletter coming out next week. Sign up for it below.

An in-depth look at the Warriors’ approach to combining instruction indoors and outdoors will be published later. We also endeavor to produce very similar coverage on Babylon Freefly’s Skill Camp held from 14 to 18 October in Empuriabrava – another camp dESPite all odds.

Note: Warrior imagery is courtesy of Gustavo Cabana, all rights reserved.

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