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Domi: A Panelist Too

The organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit by FAI are happy to announce that Domitille "Domi" Kiger will be one of the panelists too. The FAI World and European Freefly Champion from 2012 and 2011, respectively, confirmed her participation today.

Domitille Kiger © La Nouvelle République

Domitille "Domi" Kiger started skydiving at age 15 in her native France. With her first trip to one of the major drop zones in the USA more than ten years ago, she launched herself on a steep trajectory towards the world title in freeflying in 2012.

For the last few years her focus is on coaching others. And she has the next generation of champions train outdoors as well as indoors.

"The proliferation of wind tunnels brought up the skill levels of the freeflyers dramatically," Domi says. "Instead of improving at the pace of only one-minute-per jump, you could spend hours in the flight chamber, without jumping from an airplane - and without having to pilot a parachute to a safe landing."

Given the stance she is taking in the matter, it makes perfect sense that Domi is also prominently involved in another project: zer0Gravity near the FUTUROSCOPE amusement park in Poitiers. It will be the 20th wind tunnel in France. Read about it here.

Domi is working regularly as a multi-lingual commentator for indoor skydiving productions. Her last major gig was at the 2019 FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Lille, France.

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