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Delayed By Two Weeks

The start of the online registration process for ISGS is delayed by two weeks. We had hoped to be ready for rollout on 1 September 2019. But some minor problems force us to postpone to 16 September.

This has led us to add a NEWS section to our site to. The new start of the formal registration process - which includes the payment of the fees - is announced there: 16 September. As is the fact that the 31 October end for the "early bird" registration period has been moved to 11 November.

Regardless of all this, we urge everybody who is seriously considering to take part in the summit to let us know even prior to 16 September. This can be done in seconds by filling in the short form (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail) which is accessed by clicking the RSVP button on the pre-registration page.

There are more news on We announce that speakers and panelists are starting to firm up on their commitments to be at Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit by FAI (ISGS). While we are still a few weeks away from being able to announce the full line-up, we are adding names and biographies to the site's Speakers section almost on a daily basis now. Just on Friday 30 August, Hagen Bossdorf and Joachim Gossow, two panelists from Germany, confirmed their participation in ISGS.

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