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Creativity After Survival

This is the second part to our interview with Aldo Comas, the owner/operator of the Terminal Zero wind tunnel in Zaragoza, in the Spanish region of Aragon. Since we spoke to Aldo, things have hardly improved there. Aragon currently leads the ranking of Europe’s areas that are most affected by SARS-CoV-2.

The high number of infections puts everything in question, even the return to in-person classes at the schools this September. But despite the uncertainty, Aldo is thinking on the short- to long-term range about making indoor skydiving more attractive for those taking part as well as those watching. In his view it all starts with making the sport more democratic, i.e. more affordable.

What should come afterwards is a process of brainstorming and experimenting. Nobody better qualified to do that than someone with Aldo’s pedigree as an expert skydiver, a musician and a designer of events – a man capable of thinking outside the box.

First things first, says Aldo: "Let's concentrate on our survival first!"

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