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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

iFLY focuses on the thrills and the fun in a new ad campaign. Henceforth at the iFLY wind tunnels, clients without any skydiving background, i.e. first-time flyers, "lift off and fly."


This article by Larissa Faw appeared on 7 August 2019 in the MediaPost Agency Daily.

Aided by the 120 mile-an-hour blast of air, IFly allows participants to "lift-off" and “fly” within the confines of large vertical wind tunnels. In a new campaign to drive awareness, the company is embracing artistry and excitement to promote its indoor fly center destinations.  

As part of the push to attract more first-time flyers and motivate participants to fly more regularly, the company partnered with Greatest Common Factory (GCF) for its first integrated national campaign. GCF produced the ads. The content focuses on flyers buzzing around in wind tunnels along with impressed spectators.  

The Texas-based agency's research discovered many users were scared off by thinking they had to jump into a wind tunnel -- a perception cemented by previous ads calling the experience “indoor skydiving,” which typically dominated billboards alongside highways where most iFLY centers are located.


More than just semantics? The future will tell: more first-timers and better retention rates would suggest that it works.

While doing a little bit of research on the topic, I discovered that Airbus Industries must have had a similar line of thinking when their marketers came up with "ifly380 · Choose · Fly (· Love)" for an app that let's you book seats on the Flying Palace.

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