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Delegates at the first Global Indoor Skydiving Summit (ISGS) voiced agreement that there needs to be broad cooperation to foster growth of the young industry and of the sport of indoor skydiving. They stopped short, however, of adopting a vision statement. “I did not come here to be fitted with a vision statement,” is how Simon Ward, the CEO of iFLY, put it, all the while acknowledging that the points taken up in the text Cooperation should remain the focus for all stakeholders in indoor skydiving.

Simon Ward, CEO of iFLY, and Jérôme David, Deputy Director of FFP


33 panelists and about 120 summiteers representing themselves as well as different companies and stakeholder organizations at the first summit agreed that there needs to be broad cooperation in order to:

  • Establish common industry practices and safety standards for manufacturers and operators of wind tunnels;

  • Deliver consistent and engaging communications to build the brand of the collective of indoor skydiving;

  • Develop sports formats and competitions that gain wider media exposure and attract grater public interest.

How such a cooperation is to be achieved was not addressed. That is one of the reasons why the ISGS organizers republish the exhaustive information that was passed on during the summit by individual session. A short write-up on what was discussed under each topic is complemented by the full recording of the session.

Each session can be accessed through the respective slide below the News/Views section on the homepage or through the menu item ISGS Sessions under NEWS.

Maybe all of this helps those who have been party to the discussions – and maybe some others as well – to go over the pertinent points once more. Possibly with a view towards starting on the implementation on some of the matters where consensus seemed to have been reached, and where action would be the logical next step.

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