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Birds Of A Feather

From the earliest stages of planning, the organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) wanted to have representatives of the sport (indoor) climbing community attending. At least one panelist was to talk about his or her experiences with an activity – and with an industry – that does bear a strong resemblance to much of what indoor skydiving is about. Come to find out: there is much more!

It took a misspelled Google search – WICS 2020 instead of WCIS 2020 (World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2020) – to discover that the international indoor climbing community/industry will also meet next year to discus the future of the sport. WICS is a 3-day event happening for the third time in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 16 to 18 September 2020.

Experts from the  indoor climbing Industry will discuss a wide range of topics that look at the sport of climbing from a business perspective.

“Being able to meet and compare successes and challenges with operators in other countries has been the best part of the summit.”

– Chris McFarland, Operations Director at Momentum, after the first summit in 2018

That ISGS 2020 and WICS 2020 coincide in name, some of the session topics and in quite a few other aspects could be a mere coincidence. Or is it more? We let you be the judge.

The representative of sport climbing at ISGS 2020 is Reindert Lenselink, the former Secretary General and a Honorary Member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. Will his analysis confirm that there is indeed common ground between the two indoor sports? Are they "Birds of a Feather?"

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