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Big, Bigger ...

... Peryton. It is the biggest outdoor wind tunnel with 23 square meters of flight surface and it was purpose-built for the free fall training of a Hollywood movie star. The manufacturers of this gem of engineering made their own movie on how the Peryton prototype came into existence.

Tom Cruise Mission : Impossible - Fallout

This "making-of" comes relatively late, over two years after the movie it was originally built for had been released. But it does provide a truly unique angle as it tells the story of two who tend to think big, superstar Tom Cruise and his director Christopher McQuarrie, and the staff of a Latvian company, Aerodium, who take on any challenge, no matter its size.

There are other angles to this story. One is reflected in an interview that skydivemag made with Aerodium chairman Ivars Beitans, here, and the other in an article that appeared in Business Insider shortly after Mission: Impossible - Fallout was released: here.

And one more - provided by Paramount.

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