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Assessment In Progress

The 24 entries in the THROWBACK and the 3 in the INDOOR Contest are currently being assessed by a truly unique group of people. On the one hand, there are the experts - all former top athletes and some FAI-rated judges - and on the other, there are artists like Giulia Paris, a prima ballerina.

Giulia Paris and Erez Ilan © Jesús Vallinas

Check out the "A" (as in "Artist") panels of Sky on Stage (SoS) Assessors and you see people with a wide variety of backgrounds in artistic fields. The "E" panels are made up of skydiving experts whose name you all know.

Both panels are currently at work to establish their rankings for the different events. By Monday or Tuesday next week, by 9 or 10 February, these should be available.

The results of the ORIGINAL Contest have already be published here!

Olga Bakulina's performance "5th Element" had to be changed from the INDOOR to the THROWBACK Contest for her choice of music. INDOOR required that exclusively the tracks provided by the SoS organizers be used to perform to. Now she will have to go up against performances of two minutes and more. But time is not important in this contest,

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