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Artistic Freedom

Efforts to define rules for an artistic indoor freestyle contest continue. This time it is "Fighting Shadows" performed by Finnish standout Inka Tiitto and recorded by her fellow countryman, filmmaker and storyteller Lauri Aapro, that provides the inspiration.

Inka Tiito

Inka Tiitto studied dance much before she got into skydiving, first outdoors then indoors. She started dance at the age of age three. When she finally arrived at indoor skydiving in 2011, she put everything into perspective, "I have spent a major part of my life dancing and now I can push myself in a very similar sport, just adding one element – the air."

The similarities of dance and freestyle will be taken up on in the rules for the innovative contest that is based on a FREE performance to music recorded on video.

In the contest rules FREEDOM is described as follows.

FREE: All performances are FREE, i.e. their choreographies are not prescribed or restricted in any way. Every move is defined solely by the contestant who performs it. While the validity of efforts to describe the basics of the body positions, the orientations, the rotations, etc. is acknowledged, the contest aspires to transcend all of them by assigning total freedom of interpretation and, hopefully, innovation to the contestant.

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