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Airhead Talking

Starting this week and at what will be regular intervals, we release online interviews with AIRHEADS here and on our streaming channel. All to promote Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) at less that two weeks out. We use the term AIRHEAD in strong contrast to the standard definitions out there, in urban and other dictionaries, exclusively for people who have managed to make their life revolve around the air. Our type AIRHEAD!

Meet Mary-Lou Bolldén, a skydiver outdoors since the 1970s, indoors since the 1980s, a wing walker since the 1990s ... And she is still going strong, even after major knee surgery turned her into a bionic AIRHEAD. "If I had more money," says Mary-Lou, "I would blow it all in wind tunnels around Stockholm, outdoors is just too risky considering what the Swedish healthcare system had to invest in my replacement knee."

An AIRHEAD has plenty of social responsibility and is extremely good at knowing when to push - when not to - and when to pull. That is why a real AIRHEAD cannot agree with such statements like "There ain't never been an old bold ..." You fill in for the dots!

I know Mary-Lou from my time in Zephyhills. Back in the 1970s "Z" was THE MECCA of skydiving. No way to aspire ever becoming an AIRHEAD without having spent minimum ... there. You fill in the dots here too!

Mary-Lou and I followed each other's life through Facebook over the past years. On FB and PM we agreed on the terms of the interview. It was recorded yesterday, Sunday 19 January. Now it's down to the edit.

Mary-Lou Bolldén in a Swedish tunnel, years ago!


We are past the 150 summiteers registered for ISGS as of this morning, at 04:03 on 20/01/2020, but we keep registration open. Why? Because we have decided to make use of the second auditorium for the main sessions by hiring a giant screen and showing our world feed there.
What's the difference to watching it form home, your asking? "NETWORKING!" on site would be my first answer. We are also looking at ways of having a camera set up in the second auditorium for you to ask questions from there.
Remember that registration for ISGS is mandatory and can be done right here! Do you need help with your hotel accommodations in Empuriabrava or Castelló d'Empúries? Just complete the online form and let us assist you with the arrangements.

Roland Hilfiker

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