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A Happy Camper

Dominyka Vaitkute was one of the participants in the 2020 Fly Warriors' Camp. With only two years in the sport, she is performing at an exceptionally high level already. That's thanks to indoor skydiving, she says, even though she considers herself to be a very slow learner.

Dominyka Vaitkute

We followed nearly all the participants in this year's Fly Warriors' Camp with Gustavo Cabana's camera in the air and in the tunnel, but somehow Dominyka Vaitkute stood out from among the others in the group. She seemed more energetic and just about the most keen to progress in her learning.

We had asked all participants two questions. One dealt with the synergies between skydiving indoors and outdoors. The other with the problems attending this camp dESPite all odds, i.e. the particularly bad COVID-19 situation in Spain.

Find the answers provided by some of the others here. And listen to what Dominyka Vaitkute has to say.

A more in-depth look at the Warriors’ approach to combining instruction indoors and outdoors will be published at a later date. We also endeavor to produce similar coverage on Babylon Freefly’s Skill Camp held from 14 to 18 October in Empuriabrava.

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