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Sharing Optimism

Coming at a time when infections are again on the rise in many countries, an upbeat message regarding the future of the industry could be perceived as inappropriate. But Simon Ward and Ivars Beitans were optimistic in their outlooks back in April, when they were both interviewed for an Indoor Skydiving Source article on COVID-19. Nothing has changed since.

It is the best reflection of their entrepreneurial spirit as well as general optimism that Simon and Ivars have launched and promoted new product lines at the height of the coronavirus crisis. In the case of Aerodium, it is the open Peryton model that continues to make headlines. In the case of iFLY Tunnel Systems, the new GEN models seem particularly well suited for the post-COVID market.

But the refinements that both companies bring to indoor skydiving go much beyond the engineering. Ivars Beitans took advantage of the increased activity at his outdoor wind tunnel in Sigulda this summer to experiment with a formula that could help to bring the prices down for kids. After all, they are the future of the sport. Reaching out to get them into the tunnels early and providing them with safe and age-appropriate challenges will help to consolidate the young sport more than anything.

What is most remarkable, however, is the willingness of Simon and Ivars to share their insights and the expertise they have accrued over many years with other owners/operators. Theirs are particularly global views because their companies are present in many different markets, and their opinions are informed based on a constant dialogue with members of their staff and clients.

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