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Why Not?

Olga Bakulina is the first and so far only freestylist who has submitted a performance into the inaugural edition of Sky on Stage INDOOR. What makes Olga click? What has made her decide to take part in this virtual freestyle contest? We found out in an interview.

Olga Bakulina

Indoor Skydiving Vision's Roland Hilfiker was able to talk with Olga yesterday. She is currently in Moscow, trying to cope with the lifestyle that the pandemic imposes on her there. Despite some serious adversities, she's glad to be back home, after the COVID-19 outbreak in March had her stuck in the USA for months. Canceled flights and closed borders had to be overcome. And that took time.

Talking to her was a true revelation. This energetic and chameleonic lady knows where she's heading with her career as a professional instructor and coach. She is keenly aware of how digital and online can be made to fit in perfectly with teaching her art/sport. Under the brand Creative Bodyflying, she produces tutorials that help indoor skydivers at all levels and around the world to progress.

She takes part in the SoS INDOOR Contest because it's just about the only thing happening right now, and because she wants to showcase her flying a little bit. Why not? ... Why not listen to her in this first part of the Olga Bakulina interview.

The second part will be uploaded soon.

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