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"What Happened?"

"And Why Is It Important That It Did?" Both lines are part of the overall title chosen by author Annette Lyn O'Neill for her article on Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS). It appears today on, the top-ranked digital platform for skydiving.

After talking with the organizers and some of the panelists about their views on the event, Annette comes up with her own analysis of the summit itself – and of the significance it might have in the future development of indoor skydiving. Whether any such development has reached "The Beta" (another part of the title) stage yet remains to be seen.

It is a fortunate coincidence that within 24 hours we get to read two follow-up articles on the recent summit. Yesterday it was the one published by the owner of Aerodium and ISGS panelist Ivars Beitans (together with Toms Īvāns) under the title "... As We See It." Today it is an altogether different post-summit analysis – "What You Should Really Know ..." – authored by Annette Lyn O'Neil on the basis of conversations she held with the ISGS organizer Roland Hilfiker and with Andrey Karr, Tunnel Tech's Chief Business Development Officer, who was also one of the panelists.

The two articles could not be any more contrasting in the way that they present the process and the outcome of ISGS, but it is precisely in their divergent styles that they seem to create an odd consensus.

Remember the initial observation made by Ivars? "Nobody knew what to expect but everybody was happy to finally meet." Annette's words seem to take up on that perception – somehow: "When a bunch of profit-minded business competitors and stakeholders with divergent views on how indoor skydiving should develop start building industry consensus for the very first time – with technologists, engineers, energy experts and athletes in the room – it’s only a matter of time until that far-off wave hits."

And this far-off wave is nothing other than the positive impact on the sport that could eventually derive from the summit.

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Annette is a regular contributor to publications in air sports: aside from, her articles are published in Parachutist, USHPA Pilot, Blue Sky Mag and Red Bull Adventure. Learn more about her "sutsainable lunacy" through her website.

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