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Toms Ivans, Panelist

Toms Ivans, LAT, had been a standout in tunnel skydiving for several years by the time he won the 2018 FAI World Cup in Indoor Freestyle Skydiving in Bahrein, BRN, in October 2018. He had amassed victories in other top-level competitions prior to this event, but the first FAI title was definitely the pinnacle.

In fact, Toms had been the measure of things since 2012 and age 20, performing above all in open-air wind tunnels. He started working for the Latvian tunnel manufacturer AERODIUM after he had previously watched the company's best flyers put on a stunning show during the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Having spent much of his time with very similar sports like breaking, freerunning and parkour during his teens, Toms came with an excellent predisposition to the aerial exploits in a column of air accelerated to speeds of 200 km per hour or more.

That he was able to bring his skills from the outdoors to the indoors and a recirculating wind tunnel was an achievement in itself. But we better let Toms explain in the AERODIUM production "From Chef To Champion - Toms Ivans' Road To WCIS 2018."

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