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Time Flies

That does not only apply to the time indoor skydivers spend in tunnels, it is an idiom that applies to life itself since Shakespeare used a variation of it. A benefit of being on Facebook: one never misses birthday of a friend. Today it is Toms Īvāns, a panelist at Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS), who celebrates somewhere. Probably not far from a tunnel!

Zuckerberg's storage system for personal data can be used/abused by anyone: from an innocent user to a devious marketer, even a demagogue. For those sticking to the more basic data: it is Toms' birthday today!

Toms Īvāns, the 2018 FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving in Freestyle, is turning 28. I don't know where he celebrates, it is not far from a tunnel.

What I know - with certainty, even without Facebook - is that Toms will be in Empuriabrava shortly. He will compete in The Wind Games 2020 and afterwards sit on ISGS panels. We'll drink to his health then. Happy birthday, Toms!

With exactly two weeks to go to Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS), the organizers refer you to the latest bulletin for an update on preparations >> TUNNEL VISION of THE BROADEST KIND

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