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The Same Game

Is "indoor skydiving" the most appropriate name for an activity that exposes the human body to a machine-made laminar airflow identical to the one produced between the forces of gravity and air resistance on a "real" skydiver?

Pete Allum and Karina Kaiser © 2019 Gustavo Cabana

The debate on the "Name of the Game" is enduring and it will extend into the session at Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit by FAI too. The last thing we want to do is preempt the discussion. We pursue another goal altogether.

With our series #VariationsOfTheSameGame we intend to show the congruity between the two different disciplines – or between two sports, for that matter – and the countless synergistic effects they can have upon one another. And one more point: the people in the sky and in the tunnel are birds of the same feather.

We start with Karina's story today. She became a skydiver in the mid-seventies in Germany, eventually moved to England and soon traveled the world from boogie to boogie. "Relative Work" was her thing: she even participated in a women's world record in the early 90s. You might have seen her in one of the "Wally Gubbins" videos. Pete Reynolds, who produced them together with Leo Dickinson, was her partner – and later on her husband. But why don't we let her tell us the story?

Well, it doesn't end here – fortunately for us Karina chose to return to the white blue yonder on the last day of her vacation, after she had spent an hour in the tunnel during the week in Empuriabrava.

More soon!

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