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The Handbook

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We missed a self-imposed publishing deadline today - due to reasons beyond our control. But given the tight ISGS budget, getting a sponsor on board (and another logo included in the Panelist's Handbook) is not all bad either.

We are asking the panelists of Indoor Skydiving 2020 · First Global Summit, ISGS, for their patience!

We know that they are all waiting to receive the ISGS Handbook. We had scheduled its release for today but had to hold off one more day due to ongoing sponsorship negotiations. Here is first glance at the cover ...

From left and top to bottom: Andrey Karr of Tunnel Tech, Lauri Aapro, Boris Nebe of ISG Group and Patrice Girardin of FFP. Thats four - on the cover! There are 27 other panelists depicted on the remaining pages of the handbook.

You should keep in mind that registration for ISGS is mandatory and can be done right here! Do you need help with your hotel accommodations in Empuriabrava or Castelló d'Empúries? Just complete the online form and let us assist you with the arrangements.

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