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The Bulletin

With just over two weeks to go to Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS), the organizers release the BULLETIN as a digital publication. It serves to inform the key stakeholders in the summit about the state of preparations. It goes out digitally to participants and panelists - and in print to our partners.

Kyra Poh, SIN, competes at The Wind Games from 30 January. ISGS Communications will try to do an interview with her prior to the summit.

Here is the ISGS 2020 BULLETIN. The 24-page digital publication provides the most up-to-date information to summiteers, panelists and - very important - a select number of institutional partners who help us put the event on through their financial and value-in-kind support. Let's face: we could not do it without them.

The Bulletin should reflect the state of the preparations for ISGS on this 15 January. We expect you will concur with us: much work has been done - the job starts today!

Additional publications will go out to the media (and again the panelists) by the end of this week.

You should remember that registration for ISGS is mandatory and can be done right here! Do you need help with your hotel accommodations in Empuriabrava or Castelló d'Empúries? Just complete the online form and let us assist you with the arrangements.

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