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Sessions II And III

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The morning sessions on 2 February have all been defined in terms of the topics and sub-topics, with the panelists and moderators tentatively assigned to all three. "Sport Matters" and "Sport Matters More" are the titles of two one-hour panel discussions on key issues. In the final analysis, indoor skydiving is on the sporty side as an activity already. It benefits from aspiring to be more than an amusement ride.

With the Sessions II and III from 10:30 - 12:45, the morning of Sunday 2 February will start to come to a conclusion.

Sport Matters (Session II)

Sport Matters More (Session III)

The final 15 minutes prior to lunch will be taken up by Jay Stuart, the summit's main moderator, wrapping up the morning sessions with a short recap of the matters discussed and the conclusions drawn.

The texts found under the ISGS Schedule for each session serve as basis to the panel discussions. They are the point of departure from where the panelists will elaborate, adding depth as well as perspective to each topic. Reading through the texts prior to the summit will provide the participants with a first glance at the subject matter. Further reading is recommended under each topic.

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