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Scouting For Talent

Indoor skydiving will be an important part of the storyline when American producer Doc Skinner starts shooting FLY - The Rise of Jett Parker. The treatment singles out two fictional characters, Jett and Lilly Parker, whose lives change forever after they take up skydiving.

Doc Skinner of 1028 Productions is also the writer and director for FLY - and he even assumes a role as Mr. Wallace, the teacher. While a few other members of the cast are already listed on the movie's website, the protagonists, Jett and Lilly, are yet to be identified.

A large-scale audition will be held concurrently with The Wind Games 2020 in Empuriabrava, Spain, from 28 January through 3 February. Here's what Doc writes about that.

If you would like to be a part of the movie FLY: The Rise of Jett Parker and want to try out for a part in the film, please email a link of your performance flying or competition video along with a headshot to

We will be at The Wind Games 2020 in Spain scouting for cast members for the film. We are NOT looking for superstar actors, we are looking for amazing flyers that can act. The main characters are juniors and seniors in high school. If your 18 or older but look like you could pass for a high school student, please apply. The first of three movies will be shot in Arizona in 2020. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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