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SandStorm In Dubai

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Inflight Dubai holds its annual indoor skydiving competition today: SandStorm 2020 (SS 2020) starts at local time. The SS 2020 organizers have been advising participants for weeks: "Strengthen Your Wings and Sharpen Your Mind."

Now, and with only minutes to go until the start of SS 2020, they add more solid advice.

"We advise all our competitors to check their intended route on Google Maps to look for any delays due to road flooding. The underpass near the Inflight Dubai is currently flooded so we advise everyone coming to use the Exit 47 instead."

Let that one sink in! A flooding in Dubai ... Go Greta!

We're almost certain that SS 2020 will be webcast live somewhere. Why? The "Voice of Skydiving," a.k.a. Regan Tetlow, is currently at SS 2020 in Dubai, That we know from his Facebook stories. And there is a rule of thumb: where ever Regan is, the cameras will be turned on - eventually.

Return here for more information on where and when this webcast is available. If there is one.

We now conclude that there wasn't a live stream coming out of SS 2020. Still, everyone seems to concur that it was a fun competition. Scaled down and not quite as big or as rich in prize money as Clash of Champions of a few years ago, but FUN!

What a brilliant comp! Second place, behind the UAE National team boys. Team “Spinny Spinny Smash” finished with a 21.6 average ... Regan Tetlow kept the evening moving with his high-energy awesomeness on the mic! Can’t wait for the next one! Inflight Dubai.

Rich Rust | Spinny Spinny Smash

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