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Recording Beauty

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The Milano wind tunnel Aero Gravity commissioned Italian film director Tommaso Gorani to produce a short clip combining ballet and indoor skydiving as a "Tribute to the Scala Première." The performers are Laurie Lubbe (indoor skydiver), Agathe Petrini (ballerina) and the string quartet "Note dal Vivo."

Teatro alla Scala · Milan Opera House

The one-minute clip captures the essence of ballet and freestyle skydiving performed to Jean Paul Richter's "La musica è la poesia dell’aria."

The clip serves as an inspiration to our efforts to come up with a set of rules that will govern the first digital/online contest for Indoor Skydiving Freestyle. It is scheduled to be held as part of Sky on Stage, Stefania Martinengo's artistic skydiving competitions that are currently in progress.

Under "Video," the draft rules elaborate that the filming of the performer's every move is of utmost relevance, even an integral part of the objective of the event.

"What sets the SoS Indoor Skydiving Freestyle Contest apart from most other competitions is the fact that the assessment of the performance is based exclusively on a video recording. More than in other competitions, the process of recording this video is part of the objective of the event itself: the contestant not only performs his/her moves, he/she seeks to perform them to the one single camera, which is set up in a manner that allows it to capture the entire sequence in the most favorable way. Regardless whether this camera is operated or not. Specific instructions on how the contestants have to record their performances are provided in Annex 3 – Recording."

More soon!

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