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Piggybacking on ISGS

We had offered the tunnel industry the opportunity to showcase their products and/or services during Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) from the very beginning. However, after we decided to reformat our event and to move it to a new venue, we are forced to make some adjustments to the platforms we offer.

Our new offer to the industry is the following:

Take advantage of the inaugural edition of ISGS to showcase your products to a worldwide clientele. Do so by subscribing the package that includes the following.

  • A space including a table and two chairs in the cloister of the Santa Clara convent for you to set up a point of contact or a permanent display (from where to distribute brochures, etc.). The cloister connects the two auditoriums and is the only access to both. During the breaks, coffee will be served there.

  • Insertion of a full-page ad into the ISGS program. You provide the print-ready PDF in DIN A4 size.

  • Play-out of a video clip of up to 60 seconds duration to the ISGS main screen at the convent and its concurrent broadcast as part of the ISGS world feed. Two times per day, generally during session breaks. You provide the video in a suitable HD format.

  • Exclusive opportunity to address the summit for max. 15 minutes during one of the breakout sessions on the afternoon of 3 February. Your presentation/workshop will be recorded and edited into a short 1-minute clip that will then be shown during the wrap-up session.

Please contact the ISGS organizers ( to subscribe the package for 750 € (and VAT). Their number is limited to 12. We have three companies committed (Tunnel Vision VR, StormVR, WinDiver) already.

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