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Nothing Left To Chance

Right off their successful stints at the recent edition of The Wind Games in Spain, Kyra Poh and Toms Ivans return to their training routines. They do so together – at a Tunnel Camp in Singapore – and under different circumstances ... The Coronavirus was still a fairly distant rumbling when they last met in Empuriabrava: almost limited to China and there to one single city. Things have changed dramatically since.

Kyra Poh, SIN, with her "Scorpion"

But the two indoor skydivers seem to have adjusted well to the new realities. Despite COVID-19, its virulence and the hysteria surrounding it, Toms made the journey to Singapore to help Kyra with her training for the upcoming World Cup.

With both not only being great performers in the tunnel but exceptional communicators on the outside as well, that created the opportunity for an ad hoc interview between the two.

Singapore would not be Singapore if it were not for the eternal thrive for some "C&C" ... Control and cleanliness! Keep it safe, guys!

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