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No Robots

Stefania Martinengo, the organizer of Sky OnStage (SOS), circulates a message to the participants and assessors, providing a first analysis after the ORIGINAL Contest has concluded and two different standings have been published.

Kebe Snyder by Darryl Dubiel | Winners of SoS Skysurf

"I am glad you all had different perspectives as you were looking at these choreographies, it's perfect! It is normal that some of us appreciate certain aspects of a choreography and others others, depending on our backgrounds and on our personal preferences.
If we all liked the same things, we would never progress and evolve ... We would all be like little robots ... All jumps would look the same and the show would become boring.
The goal of SoS is to provide a stage, a playground, where flyers can share their creativity and inspirations with the community."

Teti Martinengo

Remember, SoS INDOOR and THROWBACK remain open for entries until 30 January 2021.

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